There is no law stronger than the code

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – Representative Jeff Weninger (R-17) today applauded 
Governor Doug Ducey for signing HB 2417, innovative legislation that will now include 
blockchain signatures as a recognized form of signature. 

Blockchain technology provides a decentralized database for a chain of transactions to be visible 
by a network. When an exchange is initiated, information about that exchange is represented as a 
block and broadcasted to the entire network. The network will verify and approve the exchange 
before adding the block to the chain of stored information. This technology is secured by 
cryptography and has many potential uses. 

“I am very proud that Arizona continues to be a leader in the advancement of blockchain 
technology,” said Representative Weninger. “I am thankful Governor Ducey supports this 
innovation and that Arizona is again leading the charge.”

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